On November 15, 1994, the City of Berryville adopted Ordinance #575, Namely the Solid Waste Management Ordinance, in order to manage a system of solid waste disposal. In November of 2000, The City entered into an Inter-Local Government Agreement with Carroll County Solid Waste as the City contracted solid waste hauler. The following are regulations and guidelines in conjunction with this ordinance and agreement.



Residential Curbside Trash and Recycling Guidelines

Service provided by Carroll County Solid Waste – (870) 423-7156


Monthly Rate:   $11.58 will be charged on your water bill. This rate includes ONE 35 gallon container or bag per week. Only household waste is accepted (no yardwaste). Trash containers or bags are not provided by the City.

Additional Bags:   If more than one container or bag of trash is placed at the curb for disposal, it must be identified with a bag tag These tags are $1.75 and may be purchased at City Hall. Any extra trash not tagged will not be picked up.


   Time:   Please have your trash and recycling at the curb before 6:00 a.m. on the day which it will be picked up.
The City of Berryville provides recycling services for free for residents inside the city limits. Recycling is not only beneficial for the environment, it also helps residents meet the “one bag” limit mentioned above. The following items can be placed in recycle bins for curbside collection:


  • Aluminum (cans, foil, pie plates) and steel cans
  • Plastic BOTTLES only. If it is not a bottle, it cannot be recycled.
  • Newsprint and mixed paper. All paper must be bundled or bagged and placed on top of bin.
  • Glass… Food and beverage containers only. Please, no plate glass, light bulbs, pyrex or pottery.

Please rinse your items and place loosely in your bin with newsprint on top. Remove lids from plastic and glass bottles and place them in your regular trash. The only items that will be accepted inside a bag in your bin are newsprint and mixed paper.

For questions or concerns regarding trash and recycling services, please contact

Carroll County Solid Waste at (870) 423-7156

Other disposal option:  County Transfer Station, Industrial Park Rd. (870-423-2837)

  • Other trash, bulky and excess waste
  • Household hazardous waste – items include paint products, automotive products, batteries, cleaning products, florescent light bulbs, sharps.
  • Electronics – computer units, televisions, VCR’s, printers.(Recycling fee will apply. Call for details)